Near Howe - Safer Stays Initiative

Due to the current Covid-19 situation we have introduced a temporary Safer Stays Initiative to protect our guests, ourselves and our staff. GUESTS SHOULD NOT TRAVEL IF THEY HAVE SYMPTOMS, OR ARE WITHIN A 14 DAY QUARANTINE PERIOD.

Cleaning Principles
  1. CLEANERS TO WEAR ADEQUATE PPE Appropriate PPE equipment and training guidance for cleaners to enable them to work safely and to correct guidelines (minimum facemask and gloves).
  2. MAIN SURFACES & ITEMS ARE SANITISED Anti-viral disinfectant will be used to sanitise all surfaces and heavy-use items such as worktops, tables, welcome folders, remote controls, switches, sockets, cords, door/window handles, thermostats, plugs & appliances.
  3. NON-ESSENTIAL ITEMS ARE REMOVED Non-essential items which are difficult to clean have been temporarily removed, such as board games, computer consoles, surplus crockery, hair dryers, decorative soft furnishings such as cushions and throws.
  4. EXTRA CLEANING TIME ALLOWED Customer check-out will be by 9am and check-in will be after 5pm to allow extra time for cleaning (disinfectants need at least 1hr to dry and air in the property once cleaners leave).
  5. CUSTOMER REASSURANCE GIVEN Customer notifications will be left in the property to reassure guests of the additional care and attention taken when cleaning the property.
  6. GUEST SAFETY DURING STAY Liquid soap will be provided in the accommodation for guests to use during their stay.
  7. REPORT AND MANAGE INFECTION CASES Adhere to government guidelines on reporting and managing potential infection cases.
Guiding Principles

Continuing from the cleaning principles, ensuring that guests feel comfortable and not pressured into “contact” situations is equally important. Social-distancing has become a staple of the COVID19 pandemic response. The ability to deliver service while sustaining distancing measures will also form a significant part in providing consumer confidence post-lockdown. In conjunction with good cleaning, this forms the second vital part of our “Safer Stays” initiative.

Social Distancing Principles
  1. SAFER ARRIVAL PROCESSES Keys will be left for guests within the entrance area of the property. Keys are classed as a high touch item and sanitise appropriately.
  2. SAFER DEPARTURE PROCESSES Guests are asked to leave the keys to the property in the entrance area where they found them upon arrival. Keys are classed as a high touch item and sanitise appropriately.
  3. SHARED FACILITY USAGE Measures taken to maintain distancing in shared areas and keep them clean and sanitised. Adequate facilities for guests to wash and sanitise their hands in key areas across locations with shared facilities, such as hand washing/sanitising stations.
  4. SOCIAL-DISTANCING Social distancing as specified in government guidelines must be maintained between guests and other people on site.
  5. ADAPTING FACILITIES Unfortunately during the current conditions games/books and DVD’s located in the Laundry must not be used by guests during their stay as they are not easily cleaned between lets. The laundry itself and the BBQ are currently only available on request on a strict rota basis, please call 07721 446 105 to arrange this.

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